Welcome to our sparkling, new journal!

Hi friends,

It's been years since we've been on this journey that is Once Was Lost together and yet still today, I am so excited to be looking forward, eyes wide with wonder, full of hope for more good that is to come. It's our hope that, especially right now, as we find ourselves cocooned inside our homes, that we would be able to provide a little corner of encouragement, some humble words sharing tips on creating a thoughtful, warm home and offer ideas that we hope will spark and a meaningful, wholehearted life.

Of course, this is a conversation, so if you have ideas you'd love to share, people you think we should meet, feedback or questions you'd love to see answers, please comment below or send me an email to hello@oncewaslost.com and I'd love to personally get back to you!

Until then, sending much love and gratitude for you being here!




Pictured: Hand Woven Blanket - Natural