For the love of handwritten.

There's just something about receiving handwritten mail. Something special about going to your mailbox and finding perfectly imperfect handwriting, nestled among the familiar typeset of banks and paperwork that simply makes your heart smile. As a child, I remember the thrill of seeing my name on an envelope when receiving a card from a grandmother or other family, I had pen pals from when we moved interstate and then like most young girls went through the stage of many (many) coloured gel pens when every letter I wrote unveiled a rainbow of colour down the page. Nowadays, the colours may be slightly more muted, but the heart to write to others and the joy of receiving mail remains.

I am a firm believer that a kind word can change someone's entire day and that all of us can benefit from a word of encouragement.

Especially in these times, the gift of simply receiving a token of your thoughts in tangible form can mean the world to another. Even now, I still hold on to cards written by family and dear friends with words that speak life to my soul and inspire my journey forward.

Don't save your kind words (or candles for that matter) for a special occasion - everyday is a special day and worthy of sharing kindness.

Send some love, share a word of kindness.
  1. Think of someone you haven't spoken to in a little while, family, an old friend from a place you once lived or visited, a friend whose journey inspires you.

  2. Find a quiet place to sit and get cosy.

  3. Write some or many kind things about that person - it might simply be, 'you're a great Mum', 'your journey has inspired me,' 'I love ... about you.' Or a story you remember sharing together.

  4. If you have children, have them draw a picture of your family, or of something special to them and include it with your card. Or find a quote or verse that encourages and pop that in with your card.

  5. Seal up your envelope, head to your post box and feel good about your day knowing you've just sown a seed of kindness in someones world.

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