A beautiful work in progress

We've been talking a lot recently about the heartbeat of what we do and we've come to realise that what we are passionate about goes so much further than simply hand crafted accessories.  What we really believe in, is creating space amidst the busyness where a simpler life is celebrated, family is nurtured and a rich value is placed on the sense of belonging found within the home.

We believe that a full life is made up of lots of little meaningful moments.

Lazy Sunday mornings snuggled up in bed with family, gatherings of friends around a common table or quiet cups of teas with just you and your journal.  It's our hope to provide thoughtfully crafted products to compliment these moments, making them even more special and to inspire and encourage you along the way to create lasting memories of your own.

Of course, our commitment to sustainability, natural fibres and only the highest quality, ethical craftsmanship remains - except we are now excited to start the journey of expanding our range to include even more delightful, useful essentials you can enjoy everyday.

Thank you for being a part of the journey, here's to wonderful memory making ahead.

With love

Laura x